(Pierre Baron de Coubertin)
"Taking part is more important

than winning."

(Pierre Baron de Coubertin)

(Jim Rohn)
"Take care of your body.

It’s the only place you have to live."

(Jim Rohn)

(Wilhelm Busch)
"Endurance will be rewarded sooner

or later - but usually later."

(Wilhelm Busch)

Play speedster

A Variety of Sports for all Age Groups

Would you like a versatile offer for your event, suitable for different age groups and interests? Would you like an offer which gets children moving, promotes dexterity and simply provides fun for all?

The "play speedster" of KSB Herford is mobile out and about for you and ensures a varied assortment of games for all sorts of fun.
Whether for sports day, open day, class reunion or birthday party - with the play equipment up to the roof, there is always something suitable: Bouncy castle, wave boards, wobbling tower, balancing course, clobby tricycles, various ball and motor skill games and much more.

All play equipment can be conveniently loaded and unloaded via the ramp at the play speedster. The large choice of sports equipment is of interest of different age groups.
Children and young people play self-sufficiently and have the opportunity to set their imagination free.
Would you like to use something for our event from our equipment hire? You can find all documentation here.