(Pierre Baron de Coubertin)
"Taking part is more important

than winning."

(Pierre Baron de Coubertin)

(Jim Rohn)
"Take care of your body.

It’s the only place you have to live."

(Jim Rohn)

(Wilhelm Busch)
"Endurance will be rewarded sooner

or later - but usually later."

(Wilhelm Busch)

Guiding principle of KSB

Joint good work requires a joint mission statement. This is the mandatory basis for the work of the KSB Herford in all its parts and measure of value for the deployment of its resources. In an environment of constant social change, the sport repeatedly faces new challenges. It therefore develops constantly with the progressive realisation of the objectives, but also with changing framework conditions.

What supports us in the verbalisation of our mission statement: It challenges to growth, assists in the development of scope of duties, facilitates continuities in the work and creates pre-conditions for collaboration.
With the mission statement, KSB Herford assumes a desired identity and a guiding framework for its organisational culture arising from this. Underlying is the idea that only a community can optimally fulfil the purpose and the objectives of KSB Herford.

Understanding of Sports and Education

Sport serves the people for the movement and body-oriented holistic development of the personality and contributes to the health with regard to physical, psychological and social aspects. For this reason, KSB Herford stands up for the opportunity to all people to actively participate in exercise and sport offerings.
The district sports association considers itself as medium of facilitation: It supports people with its offer, to shape life in a positive way and to handle the requirements of the working and professional work. Expressly rejected are forms of sport, which lead to the injury or destruction of people, animals and the environment, likewise we reject borderline experiences, which are associated with high risk for life and limb as well as athletic performances which are achieved with the assistance of Doping. We thereby wish to promote a humanitarian and environmentally friendly development of the sport and the society.

What the Sport can offer

Today, sport is an expression of a modern lifestyle, consideration of a preventative and rehabilitative health system, indicator of quality of life and place of social communication and interaction.
It contributes to the active civil society, to the focus and quality of live of the people.
KSB Herford and its affiliated associations and clubs offer an area-wide and diverse range, promote voluntary engagement and benefit to the public and are open to positive social and athletic developments.


The interest group of the organised sport in the District of Herford has a cooperative partnership with the professional associations as well as the federations for the benefit of the sports clubs. In doing so, the partners look to the sport teaching fields of work and the organisational structures within the scope of current quality standards.


The extent and effectiveness of the services of the district sports association can be increased with partnerships and collaborations. The focus is on the promotion and support of the sports clubs in the district. Our supporting values in any encounter: Fairness, equality and trust.

Dear Colleagues

The volunteering, full-time and freelance personnel are the most important resources for us as well as guarantors that we shall achieve the stated objectives.
Voluntary commitment is of particular importance here. High-quality services and commitment of the personnel secure the success as well as the regional and national position. The focus: Friendliness and endeavours to provide the desired support services quickly and effectively.
KSB Herford promotes the commitment and efficiency of its personnel and supports them in the realisation of the agreed objectives.
Flat hierarchies with decentralised responsibilities at the place of the service provision, a cooperative leadership style with agreement on objectives and monitoring of success form the bases for this commitment and the quality of the services required.
Accomplished work needs appreciation: We express this by way of various forms of recognition as well as by reimbursement of costs for the volunteers as well as fair payment for full-time and freelance personnel.