(Pierre Baron de Coubertin)
"Taking part is more important

than winning."

(Pierre Baron de Coubertin)

(Jim Rohn)
"Take care of your body.

It’s the only place you have to live."

(Jim Rohn)

(Wilhelm Busch)
"Endurance will be rewarded sooner

or later - but usually later."

(Wilhelm Busch)

NRW moves its CHILDREN!

More exercise, play and sport for children and young people in NRW is one of the objectives in the state programme "NRW moves its CHILDREN!" - and for a good reason: Nowadays, many day care centres and schools are operated all day - the children and young people thus spend increasingly more time in educational institutions. Time which they are potentially lacking for sufficient exercise in clubs. What everyone knows: Holistic education is education with exercise.
This is why the incentive programme "NRW moves its CHILDREN!" also a cooperation project which brings together the potentials of possible partners in a successful and simple way. The burden to public and private institutions and sports clubs are reduced and supported in their work, with the formation of the municipal networks and the facilitation of collaborations.

You would like to benefit from this cooperation project as club, day care centre or school?
How we provide support to you:

  • Demonstration of opportunities and prospects of cooperation
  • Formation of municipal networks
  • Development of holistic exercise and educational offering for children and young people as network offering
  • Arrangement and facilitation of a fruitful collaboration between educational institute and club

Would you like to find out more about this programme? Would you like to know which opportunities this incentive programme provides for your club? Then please contact us.

Sport within the all-day environment

As club out and about at school - because much more is possible this way

As a club, you would like to embed your offering in all-day schooling? And thus provide children and young people the opportunity to learn about your offering also at school and to experience it as personal enrichment?
The coordination centre for sport within the full day - easing the burden for you
KSB Herford is providing support for you with its own a coordination office. The core task of this centre is to guide and support sports clubs in the process, to implement offerings for exercise, games and sport (BeSS) in the educational all-day environment, at every all-day school in the Herford district.

You would like to know how we support you as a club? These are our offerings:

  • Coordination of exercise, game and sport offerings as partial/and/or complete range at the equipped public day schools
  • Coordination of offers in other all-day programmes (secondary stage I/money or places)
  • Encourage and initiate cooperation between sports club and school in further areas of child sport and youth sport (such as competitions)
  • Securing the flow of information to state level (LSB/SJ NRW)
  • Facilitation of a local exchange of experiences of the partners involved
  • Providing further training and qualifications for personnel carrying out exercise, game and sport offerings in the all-day environment
  • Guidance in voting procedures in the municipal area
  • Support in the securing of the financial flow between school authorities, coordination centre, club, and training supervisor
  • Formation of a work tandem with the advisors in school sports of the district government in Detmold

You would like to obtain professional support as a club, in the coordination of offerings in all-day schooling? Have you any further questions? Please contact us.

Funding project Recognised "Exercise nursery"

On the go with exercise in the day care centre: with the quality seal "Recognised Exercise nursery".

Children are almost always on the move - if they have sufficient opportunity.
Sufficient exercise, in turn, is the basis of a holistic development - with or without instructions.
This is why, as district sports association, we are advocating the project "Recognised Exercise nursery". This is a quality seal, which certifies day care centres in relation to a professional exercise concept.
What this exercise concept certifies:

  • Consideration and implementation of knowledge on the connection between healthy development and sport
  • Special qualification of the personnel in the area of exercise and sport
  • Collaboration with a local sports club
  • Reasonable spatial and material equipment for exercise

Your path to a recognised exercise nursery - application for the quality seal
As a day care centre, do you also wish to apply for this quality seal and thus provide a meaningful and effective signal for exercise-oriented education?
Apply at KSB Herford as "Recognised exercise nursery" and thus benefit from a future-oriented award. We are happy to support you also in the realisation of the quality standard.
Have you further questions? Then please contact us.