(Pierre Baron de Coubertin)
"Taking part is more important

than winning."

(Pierre Baron de Coubertin)

(Jim Rohn)
"Take care of your body.

It’s the only place you have to live."

(Jim Rohn)

(Wilhelm Busch)
"Endurance will be rewarded sooner

or later - but usually later."

(Wilhelm Busch)

German sports badge

The Badge of Honour for Fitness

Would you like to know how fit you are? To find out, would you like to test yourself in different disciplines and in doing so, potentially become motivated to exercise more in your everyday life? Just yourself or perhaps as a family, club, school or entire company?

If so, obtain the German sports badge:

The German sports badge is the highest and most successful award outside competitive sport. It has been accepted as a badge of honour of the Federal Republic of Germany in accordance with the "Ordnungsgesetz" (Law and Order) since 4 July 1958 and those who receive it belong to the best in the country. With almost 6,000 sports badges, KSB Herford has been amongst the best of North Rhine-Westphalia for many years now. This is possible due to the strong commitment of the many sports instructors and voluntary helpers and due to children, young people and adults who rise to the athletic challenge.

The "new" sports badge

KSB Herford processes the German sports badges with the IT programme Citrix and can answer all your questions about the badge. All important information can be obtained from the download area. The essentials at a glance:

  • The conditions for the German sports badge must be fulfilled within one calendar year (1 Jan. - 31 Dec.)
  • Decisive for the required performance is the age reached in a calendar year
  • Adults can attain the sports badge from the age of 18, children and young people from the age of 6
  • We are happy to advise you of the place and times for taking this in the individual towns and communities as well as providing you with contact persons
  • Membership in a club is not required
  • For certification, please attend the Kreissportbund (KSB) with your completed test card. Here you will receive the badge and certificate

    The badge combines the profile of athletic requirements in four discipline groups - namely gymnastics, track-and-field athletics, swimming and cycling. All discipline address the motor basic characteristics of strength, speed, stamina and coordination. The verification of the ability to swim remains mandatory for the acquisition of the badge.
    You would already like to know when and where you can attain the German sports badge? Or would you like to train together with others? If so, you can obtain the times for training and attainment here.