(Pierre Baron de Coubertin)
"Taking part is more important

than winning."

(Pierre Baron de Coubertin)

(Jim Rohn)
"Take care of your body.

It’s the only place you have to live."

(Jim Rohn)

(Wilhelm Busch)
"Endurance will be rewarded sooner

or later - but usually later."

(Wilhelm Busch)

Voluntary Social year

Voluntary social year and federal voluntary service at the District Sport Association Herford

You would like to gain exciting new experiences in a voluntary social year (VSY) or at the federal voluntary service (FVS)? And at the same time combine your social interest with your interest in athletics?
KSB Herford is offering interested young people the opportunity to spend the VSY or FVS in sports. There is quite a diversity with sports such as, swimming courses with primary school children, developing opportunities for refugees to engage in exercise, organise events or initiate project activities. In collaboration with the football and athletics association of District of Herford (Fußball- und Leichtathletikverband/FLVW), there is an opportunity to get involved in the District Sport Association Herford as well as the FLVW.

How you benefit:

Federal voluntary service offers sports enthusiasts many opportunities to become involved socially and at the same time, to gain an impression of the "vocational field of sport". The pedagogical accompaniment prepares volunteers for their service and offers them the opportunity to take a break for a while away from the field of work. The practical activities in the voluntary service is thus accompanied and reflected by courses and genuine specialised guidance during the day to day work. The deadlines for applications are usually during February of the current year.
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